Hookup Culture: No, Millennials aren’t looking for sex on Dating Apps!

No doubt, the perfect love and relationship formula remains as a mystery for all existing generations. However, for millennials, the process seems to be even more uphill, because of the reality of dealing with the online dating era.

Nowadays, millennials express themselves through social media. Almost everyone uses at least one of the many social networks we have. Most of them project themselves as persons who seem to be afraid of commitment, sex-starved and as a fan of hookups through online dating sites. Nevertheless, the reality is that most of them are more cautious about all these statements than they appear to be.

According to the ABODO Apartments’ survey, the hookup culture might be disappearing. They have found that less than 9% of millennials were actually using an online dating app to look for occasional sex encounters.


Even though millennials are recognized for expressing their life through media -including their sex life-, they are considered to have less occasional sex than their previous generation.

So, which are the real reasons behind this behavior?

Keep reading this article and find out about those statements that prove that the hookup culture might not be as active as most people think…

1. Sex on the first date? Maybe not…

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Even though most people might think millennials are using dating apps just for one-time encounters or having sex on the very first date, the reality is very far away from this statement.

According to some recent results of the ABODO’s survey, there is only a small percentage of both women and men, who do actually accept their intentions for a first offline date was having sex. More precisely, only 11% of men and less than 2% of women sustain this position.

Even if the idea of having sex on their first date is not the real purpose of dating for most millennials, for almost a quarter of them -including women and men- the idea of “going with the flow” if the situation presents itself, remains as a valid option.

It’s clear to see that millennials are in fact, different from what most people think when talking about first dates and hookups. Quite interesting numbers, don’t you think?

2. Millennials are Carrier-Oriented

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As a form of evolution, the entire approach of what millennials are today has changed drastically from when past generations were around the same age range. Going for a different point of view of what they think about life, the way they have been educated, to their economic and social situation, Millennial’s relationships and the way they act on this field are strongly affected by these changes.

For most millennials, having a career and a job is the most common reality and necessity in the actual world. In order to keep the rhythm of society and the generation itself, most millennials need to work longer hours for less money than previous generations. It is a way to find their economic stability point before going into their 40s.

It’s easy to come to the conclusion that millennials are just too busy and centered on their careers, professional evolution and reaching economic stability rather than having sex. And anyway, dealing with such a tight agenda leaves no space for having occasional sex through dating apps.

3. Having a relationship and still swiping on profiles? Think about it twice!

For most millennials, having a serious relationship and still using online dating apps is considered as a strong “must not do.For over 70% of those millennials surveyed by ABODO, having this behavior on a relationship is clearly considered as cheating, even if they are just swiping around in other people’s profiles.

Like, anyway, if someone is already on a serious relationship and feels comfortable on it, what is the purpose of using online dating apps at all?

If anyone feels this necessity, maybe it’s time for them to reconsider their actual relationship, and to keep in mind that loving, overall, is a decision “thing” and that there is plenty of fish in the sea.

4. STD and unplanned pregnancies are switching the hookups’ number down… 

The awareness of how STI’s diseases and pregnancy will affect millennials’ life is a strong statement for this smart generation. The huge amount of information and the education that they have received, leads them to be “afraid” of being in a similar situation as some of their peers.  

We all have heard of someone who accidentally got pregnant after a broken condom or even while using birth control pills. These stories plus the education and information given to millennials has led them to be more careful when talking about casual sex.

Instead of having occasional encounters, millennials bet on the more serious type of relationships and responsible sex life. 

5. Single forever? Not at all…

On the contrary of what most people might think about millennials, they do not want to stay single for the rest of their life and just “hang-out” and have some occasional sex encounters. Even though being single in certain situations is considered as a healthy passage of life for everyone, millennials do want to be in a relationship.

being single sucks

According to the results of the YouGov survey, less than 30% of millennials do feel comfortable as singles and plan on keeping this status for a while, compared to the more than 60% of the same millennials that are actively seeking for a real and lasting relationship.

Even though facing love-related relationships will be hard for most mature generations, for most millennials, trying on a relationship is a new adventure and a big jump. As a result, they tend to face their first intent in relationships with a very optimistic and positive attitude, without the fear and frustration for those older generations.   

6. Millennials do also want to find their one and only…

Even though the millennials generation is well known as being open-minded when talking about having casual sex encounters, most of them also desire a long-term and serious relationship.

Every day is more and more common to assume this generation is full of cheating, ghosting and just one-night-stand people. Reality is that according to the results of the VICELAND study, almost half of millennials are afraid of never finding the ideal one for them.

As we can see, many millennials truly appreciate being treated with respect and being someone valued for more than just a quick hookup.  

Here’s my take on the topic:

So, are there millennials out there that actually use dating apps to find hookups?

Yes, there are.

However, there is no reason for blaming dating apps for this behavior. The reality is that dating apps are just a new form of interaction but does not necessarily lead millennials to more casual encounters than they have offline. 

Millennials are still an evolving generation that tries every day to figure out themselves more and more. The dating apps’ role in this particular generation is changing constantly, and we expect to see further results in the upcoming years.

What is true about it is that, despite all the rumors, and the “fame” created around millennials and hookups, they still have faith on finding someone for a real and lasting relationship. Sometimes, through the online dating world, which is essentially the real purpose of these apps in the very first place.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you are interested in using a dating app just for a hookup or rather for a lasting and serious relationship, what really matters is being honest, go and show yourself as you are. This way, you will show respect for others as well as increasing your opportunities for finding a better match out there. 

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