DTF? Best Hookup Apps For Casual Dating

The concept of online dating came as a blessing to most of us. To find a partner in the convenience of our own time has made our dating life so damn easy. But what if we are not looking for anything serious and just want to have fun?

Can the internet help us there too?

Of course, it can. If you are someone who just wants to get laid with someone, no strings attached, then perfect! Here is the list of best hookup apps and hookup sites that will legit help you find exactly what you’re looking for, to get laid.

10 Best Hookup Apps of 2020

1. AdultFriendFinder


AdultFriendFinder is hands down the best hookup site for casual sex. It was launched in the year 1996 and has one of the largest user bases in its industry. It has got the best features and even provides you with additional tools to make your online sexual encounters more interactive, fun and enjoyable.

AdultFriendFinder looks like a cross between a social media and an adult app with sexually stimulating content as soon as you open it. The currency of the site, points, can be earned either through on-site activity or can be purchased via a credit card. Some unique yet fun features are personal blogs, the ability to live stream, and a ton of resources and dating (sexual) advice, including a course-by-course sex academy.

Pros -It has been around for a long time which makes it reputable. It has a huge member base and an excess of features like search, discovery, communication, and cybersex options. It also encourages various methods of sexual self-expression via detailed profiles, webcams, blogs and more.

Cons – The matching system is not data-driven. A paid membership is expensive but still does not cover additional costs like purchased points, sex academy courses and model videos. No confirmed public data on the male to female ratio of the members.

2. Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison is a hookup app that helps singles or individuals in a relationship to have some fun on the side (*cough* cheat). The app is straightforward and simple, with a very user-friendly layout and navigation. You can use the search option to find other members and it works very well for the site due to extensive profile sections.

Communication options include chat, IM, message, and calls. It also offers a nine-topic member feedback section on each profile. You can also see who has viewed your profile. Ashley Madison is also very solid when it comes to security and confidentiality.

Pros – The app ha a very precise and simple layout with user-friendly navigation. It also has a very large user base. The quality of members and the value of the price is above average.

Cons – The app has got no automatic matching features and no community-based features like chatrooms or forums. The payment system can also be a bit confusing. A breach of security in the past resulted in users’ names being leaked.

3. Tinder


Tinder is one of the most popular dating platforms of all time and caters to singles looking for casual or serious dates. So far, the app has generated over 9 million matches to date and has a massive 25 million member user base, with 1 million paid Tinder Plus subscribers. The app is currently available in 24 languages.

The members can swipe right to show interest or ‘like’ and swipe left to pass on that match. Tinder has also integrated additional features like the ability to super like other profiles as well as boost your own profile. Tinder is simply where people go to find casual sex despite its notorious reputation as a dating app.

Pros – The pretty user-friendly interface and quick registration process are surely the main attractions of the app. It is the most popular hookup/dating app with a humungous member base. The location-based platform also allows users to easily find others nearby for in-person hookups.

Cons – It is renowned to have a lot of fake profiles even though registration requires Facebook, which in itself might be uncomfortable for some people. There is no matching algorithm to help you find your ‘perfect’ match. The pricing model is age-based.

4. Down Dating

Down Dating

Down Dating is perfect for you if you already have someone in mind that you want to hook up with and conveniently enough, they happen to be your Facebook friend or a friend of one of your friends. This app connects you with your Facebook friends and their friends who are also looking to get down with someone. If the one in your mind just so happens to want to do it with you as well, then this app will make sure that you get acquainted.

But if you are worried about ruining your chances (or friendship) then worry not as the other person won’t know you are interested in them unless they are interested too. Down is your wingman whether you are interested in people nearby or friends. Once the app knows you are both interested, it will notify both of you.

Pros – Since you have to sign in with Facebook, it provides an assurance that the members are indeed real people. Another good thing is that the sexy people you choose won’t know until they select you too. Down also make sure that you do not show up as a Down user in any Facebook searches.

Cons – It shows you to every Facebook friends with to swipe through, even if they don’t use the app. Looking for sex partners in your friend circle can be awkward. Not to mention that you might be risking your friendship, if it goes down the drain.

5. Happn


Happn wasted no time in becoming one of the best hookup apps by getting very popular across the world. It also makes use of geo-located systems to find one night stands instead of using a matching algorithm or personal aesthetics, unlike Tinder and OkCupid. This app serves the city dwellers especially well, as they will be able to find more matches than, say, a smaller town dweller.

Something else that puts this app aside from the other mainstream apps is that it will connect you with only those people with whom you have physically crossed paths. This system brings back the concept of a chance meeting which was the best way to fall in love (or get laid) in the past. The geo-located system has a radius of 250m and lets you find potential sex partners within this area.

Pros – Firstly, the concept of the chance meeting makes the app exciting and paves the way to interesting conversations. Matches showed include the company and job title of each user which will make it easier for you to do some background check if you suspect that this person is shady. The app also allows you to ‘like’ a match secretly so that they won’t know you are interested in them until they are interested in you too.

Cons – The concept of connecting with the people you have crossed paths with can lead to uncomfortable encounters if the match goes south. Since matches are made strictly based on proximity, they may not necessarily be compatible with you and your preferences which can be a bit frustrating. Mutual matches can easily build up over time as well.

6. Pure

Pure hookup app

Pure is one of the best hookup apps designed for mobiles which you can use at your convenience to instantly and anonymously find casual sex partners. It works by sending geo-located requests to other people on the app within a certain distance. Yep, it is like Uber, but for sex and that is the best kind, right?

Pure has also adopted one of the best features of Snapchat which is what makes it so private. All the information that you put out in your request, literally everything, including photo uploads and any communications while your request was still live, will self destruct every 60 minutes, whether the other person has seen it or not. Thus it gives you 60 minutes to pique the other person’s interest or move on if that doesn’t work.

Pros – The profiles are very minimalist which gives you an environment of extreme anonymity. It also provides you with above average data security. The one hour limit on chats, profiles, and connection encourages on the spot sexual encounters which is what getting laid is all about. Potential matches are provided instantly and they keep on coming continuously.

Cons – You need to give your credit card information, even to use the free trial version of the app. Also, the time limit can be a pain as it limits the number of active users at any given time. The anonymity factor limits the ways in which you can showcase your personality as only one selfie can be uploaded at a time.

7. CasualX


CasualX is made for you if you like the way Tinder and OkCupid works, but you instead of finding potential dates, you want to find potential hookups. In fact, they advertise themselves as ‘Tinder minus marriage-minded daters’ which is proof in itself for how the app works. The functionalities of the app are very much similar to that of Tinder’s with the only exception that no one here is looking for anything serious.

Using an app where everyone is on the same page pretty much increases your chances of finding a warm and willing body to get down with. You can use CasualX to hook up with men, women or even couples in your area for a night (or day) of fun. The app has over 500,000 members worldwide, with an estimated 200,000 active members to date.

Pros – CasualX is ideal for hookups as everyone using the app is looking for just that. The app is also very organized, easy to use and quite straightforward in its ideals and functionalities. They also take the safety and privacy of their users seriously by providing features like manual approving of profiles, lock screen pattern, etc.

Cons – The app may seem a little shady because you can’t really trust who you are matched with. It may also match you with people from far away which can get very inconvenient. The wait to have your profile approved can be frustrating if you are looking for an instant hookup.

8. KinkD


KinkD is a sex app that has a very obvious name with a focus on kinky and BDSM practitioners. It is actually a combination of features from hookup apps as well as the ‘find love’ websites. It has all the common features like swiping, rapid match apps and the detailed profile and messaging systems of all the popular apps.

On set up, you will have to specify your preferences on distance, age, and gender. The search functionality also allows you to find people who are more suited to your taste if you aren’t satisfied with the match recommendations. There is also a feature called ‘Moments’ which allows you to share a brief status that anyone can see, regardless of whether you are connected or not.

Pros – It prompts you to create a pattern lock which you will have to enter every time you exit the app or if the screen goes to sleep. It helps you find both friends-with-benefits as well as serious relationships. Finds matches based on the preferences that you specify when you sign up.

Cons – This app is fairly new compared to other similar apps in the market. Shows a lot of matches who live outside of your preferred distance which is inconvenient. After swiping away a few time, you will be asked to take a rest for 30 minutes like you are some stuck up pervert, which can get frustrating.

9. Feeld


Feeld is another one of the location-based hookup apps which offers space for open-minded couples and singles to interact. The best thing about this app is that they encourage diversity in gender, beyond straight or gay through their expanded gender option. It advertises itself as the app for the kinky and the open-minded.

Feeld is also very particular about privacy. It requires a Facebook account for you to register in it. The app also does not allow any sort of nudity or sexually explicit content inside it. You will immediately get match suggestions after sign up, even if you use the free version.

Pros – Has a wider variety of gender options than most of the other apps of this kind. It doesn’t matter if you are an individual or a couple as you can sign up as any of those. You can also browse through their terms and conditions before you decide whether to sign up or not.

Cons – A lot of the most important and useful features of Feeld aside from messaging and liking profiles are only available to paid users. Almost 20% of the profiles do not use their real photos. Also, there is a lot of restrictions on photo sharing.

10. Whiplr


Whiplr is a Tinder-style app but meant to swipe right for people who share your same kinky fetish. You can choose what you are into or if you are just curious, you can meet up with the people whom you think have the preferences as yours. Basically, it is an app that works much like the other dating apps, but being kink-focused, it has a few noteworthy exceptions.

You can list out your kinks, elaborate how much you are into them and place yourself somewhere on the scale of dominant or submissive. You can directly connect to people’s profiles or make use of pre-made groups to cater to your kink interests. There is also an interesting feature that allows you to send ‘gifts’ to other users who are mostly virtual sex toys and trinkets.

Pros – The app matches you with different fetish communities and people right as you sign up. You have choices like ‘curious’, ‘objects’ and ‘behavior’ to specify your interest in the app. Whiplr also allows you to delete photos after you sent them, in case you change your mind.

Cons – The app has a very basic and uninteresting design that doesn’t call much attention. Free usage does not have enough feature and the paid option is very pricey. A lot of the users really have no idea about their kink interest and just hop on the bandwagon for the heck of it.

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