Best Gay Hookup Apps of 2020 For Gay Men

The internet has made it easier than ever to find dates and potential partners with minimal effort, especially for the LGBTQ+ community. There are plenty of apps like Grindr and Hornet which are popular because of their reputation for spreading hookup culture.

But what if you don’t want a relationship and are just looking for some sexual gratification?

Well then, that is okay too because now you have plenty of options for that. There are many different apps that are very popular and very effective in helping people find one night stands and hookups with just a few clicks. This article brings to you to gay hookup apps that work well and will give you what you want for sure.

Top 11 Gay Hookup Apps:

1. Grindr

Grindr gay hookup app

Grindr is the best app that you can count on if you are confused by the numerous gay hookup apps in the market. It is the most popular and extensively used hookup app for people belonging to the homosexual category. It works similar to social media sites and uses your location to find people whom you may be interested in, who are within a certain proximity.

The matches are shown in your feed in the order of proximity, meaning, the ones who are closeby shows up first. You can tap on profiles that you think are interesting, start chatting and maybe exchange some photos. This gay dating app is thus a paradise for every homosexual guy out there as it is the best way to find a companion.

Pros – The facts and figures of the members are presented as if in a catalog which makes it easier for you to measure up the person before you initiate contact. Finding instant gratification is now very easy as the app has a big user base. The free version of the app offers complete functionality.

Cons – Matches are shown based on location only. Users can’t search for matches themselves. You need to have a lot of body confidence to use it as the site is flooded with photos of abs after abs. The version also comes with a whole lot of annoying ads that puts a dampener on things.

2. Scruff


Scruff is another ‘dating’ app where gay, bisexual, trans or queer men can connect with each other for hookups or for dates. This also one of the best hookup apps which helps GBTQ men to find no strings attached fun with ease. The app won the award for the best dating app in New York City in the year 2014 and currently hosts over 12 million users from around the world.

Though the app is so popular, it has gotten banned from Google Play Store multiple times in the past because of which, they are more proactive to keep the app, well, not porn site like. Hence, they have banned the half-naked and sexually explicit images. A photo with your face isn’t mandatory but you will be asked to define your image because only the profiles with clearly visible faces will be included in Scruff Match.

Pros – The huge member base is one of the best things about Scruff and most of the users are active members as well. Also, the rate of fake profiles on the app is comparatively low. Active and informative social media accounts are also another advantage of the app.

Cons – The app sports a lot of pop-up ads which can be very annoying. The app has also been reported to crash occasionally by its users. It leans towards the pricier side of things.

3. Chappy


Chappy sure looks sleek and fancy with a modern interface and advanced features which makes hooking up easier than ever. This is one of the best gay hookup apps in the market with added security features like you will be alerted if someone screenshots your image, and a picture of the user’s face is mandatory. Thus, Chappy gives a safe space online for gentlemen to hookup in a classy way.

You can choose whether you are looking for ‘Mr. Right’ or ‘Mr. Right Now’ or ‘Mr. Who Knows’ on a sliding scale and you will be matched with someone looking for the same thing as you. Chappy gets over 2 million swipes a day and is backed by another popular dating app, Bumble. The app is only available in some countries at the moment, but they are planning to expand soon.

Pros – The modish and elegant interface sure does look attractive and inviting. The members are very active and there are a lot of enjoyable and unique features which helps you find exactly what you are looking for but in a fun way. The app is backed by Bumble as well as Tinder.

Cons – The app is only available in a few countries at the moment and most of the users are from the US or the UK. It is only available as a mobile app and not a website. Relatively new compared to a lot of the apps in the same domain.

4. BRO


Bro is a fairly new app launched in the year 2016 which helps men meet other men, for whatever romantic or sexual reasons. You can use this app to make friends, find dates or to find one night stands, the choice is yours, this app just makes it easy for you. In fact, Bro advertises itself as an app that welcomes men who don’t feel welcome enough in the gay community.

That being said, it is definitely aimed at men who are not looking for ‘the one’ but just want to have some fun without committing to any labels, be it relationship or friendship. Men can even ‘fist bump’ to show their approval before they proceed on to the wilder stuff. Basically, it isn’t limited to just gay men, but also to straight men who are curious about what they can expect from other men.

Pros – The app encourages a healthy exploration of sexuality and relationships without labeling. It makes it very easy for men to find other men and ‘bond’ with them, no strings attached. Rumor on the street is that the Bro crowd tends to be younger, fit and better looking.

Cons – The concept and usage can be confusing for a few people. There are a few lewd and sexually explicit photos lurking around, Bro does have all shades of grey that one is looking for. It is quite new which can be seen the size of its member base.

5. Taimi


Taimi is another new gay dating app and social network which provides a safe and unbiased platform for the GBTQ men to connect and communicate. The app requires two-factor authentication when logging in and a team of moderators checks each new profile on the app. Also, the users can get a verification tick mark on their profile by confirming their email and by taking a verification picture.

Taimi is hence one of the best hookup apps which weed out spammers and catfishers. The social media aspect of the platform also allows users to follow groups and other users’ timeline to find like-minded people. There is also an option to make live video calls which makes it easier for you to know that the other person is indeed who they claimed to be.

Pros – The app is very secure and emphasis on the safety of its users through various features like two-factor authentication, profile verification, etc. It combines dating services with social media aspects to make the process easier and fun. You can also create groups where you can launch discussions, organize events, etc.

Cons – The app is fairly new to the market and does not have a vast user base and isn’t available around the globe. A lot of the features are only available to paid Taimi users. Completing the profile and getting verified might take some time.

6. Hornet


Hornet is one of the best gay hookup apps and works a lot like Grindr itself. It allows men to connect in more ways than just casual dating or hookups and puts emphasis on community and communication between people. This means that it makes it easier for the users to find like-minded people if one night stands are what you are looking for.

The app is very popular and is available in numerous languages as well as in many countries across the globe. The members of the app are very active and collectively, over 500 million minutes are spent on the app every week. Wow! Signing up is a breeze and can be done in under a minute and you can only register through a Google or Facebook account.

Pros – The app has got over 4 million active users from around the world every month. It supports unlimited messaging and a lot of other cool features are also available for free users. Signing up is hassle-free and there are chatrooms too.

Cons – The app is choke-full of very annoying ads that seriously get in the way of using it. Users have reported issues with spambots. Message attachments sent cannot be unsent or deleted. Needs Facebook or Google account for logging in.

7. Growlr

Growlr is a free and fun social networking app designed for the gay community around the world. The app was developed in the year 2011 and since then has grown to be a great gay hookup app in the market. You can use this app to find gay ‘bears’ who have the same interests as you do.

Bears are masculine gay men who belong to the vast gay community. You can find bears based on three different sections – online, nearby and favorites. There is also an option called ‘global’ if you wish to connect to people in different locations. It is available for free on your Apple or Android smartphone.

Pros – The design of the app is simple and it is also easy to understand and use it. You can use it to create and view posts on your ‘Feed’ sections. It also allows you to chat with other members for free.

Cons – The free version of the app has a lot of annoying ads. The app design is a bit outdated and the app is said to crash often. There are also issues with the messaging feature whereby one can lose all the messages.

8. GayFriendFinder


GayFriendFinder is one of the oldest apps of its kind and was created in the year 1996 with an aim to connect local gay men. It allows gay men to connect with either local singles or couples who are looking for some fun. A lot of the blogs offered on the site contain content that is sexual in nature.

GayFriendFinder also provides original and interactive content that the users can use to comment and connect with like-minded people. The messaging options on the app are very unique and different. Users can email, IM or direct chat with other users when they are both online.

Pros – The app provides users with the option to find singles, couples or groups looking to have fun. There are a lot of blog content which promotes community and forums. The profiles on the app are also verified by emails.

Cons – The free profile comes with an extremely limited number of features that are practically useless. The lack of active members on the app is concern generating. There are also very limited filtering options to find the right people.

9. Surge


Surge is a modish fun app with a pleasant design and interactive features which is the reason for it being such a hit among gay men. This app provides a safe and judgment-free space online where you can interact with and find potential hookups, or even the love of your life. As of now, the app has over 4 million registered users with 3000 new sign-ups every day through Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

It is very easy to sign up for the app which takes less than just a minute and there is also email verification of your profile to ensure that you are indeed a person. Surge only matches you with people near your location which means that the location must be detected by your phone’s GPS. The app has a chat function whereby you can’t randomly chat with other members but you have to swipe right to indicate you like them. If they swipe right for you too, the chat feature is enabled.

Pros – The app allows you to send photos and videos which vanishes immediately after a few seconds through the chat feature. The user interface looks quite stylish and modern but is very easy to use. Another great thing about the app is its utter lack of annoying ads.

Cons – For the standard users, the number of features is very limited. There are no complicated tools or matching algorithms to pair you up with people whom you will find interesting. Though it is completely free to download and sign-up, to unlock most of its features, you need to make some payments and in-app purchases.

10. Grizzly


Grizzly helps make all your sexual and dating fantasies into a reality by allowing you to meet new people and share feelings through your fingertips. You can write about yourself, describe what kind of people you are looking for, set your relationship status and even set body build preferences to find your perfect match. It is available for free with basic features on both the Google Play and Apple’s app store.

But more than dating, this app is focused on the hookup culture and helps you find that sexy guy that you want to get down with tonight. It has a sleek and stylish interface which looks very attractive and inviting. The premium membership comes with a bunch of cool features like changing your location, secret browsing, and premium filters.

Pros – The app has a very cool interface and design which is simple to understand and use. It only allows clear pictures that have your face on it to be set as your profile picture and no sexually explicit contents are allowed. It also verifies the accounts in it and the verified accounts have a tick mark.

Cons – The app is said to crash often while in the midst of using which can be frustrating. You can’t delete messages. You can only delete whole conversations, that too only by blocking the user which is a permanent irreversible action. The premium membership with all the good features can be expensive.

11. Jack’d

Jack’d is an impressive app launched by Cornell University in the year 2011 for gay, bisexual and curious men. It works based on the location of the users whereby you can connect to other guys within a certain proximity. Basically, the app works in ways similar to other mainstream gay apps like Scruff and Grindr but it emphasizes on removing negativity and encourages diversity and individualism.

You can search for people with similar interests by scenes including ‘bears’, relationship, muscles, friends only and more. The app also gives you access to information like who viewed your profile and also gives insights on other users by providing data like, how often he responds to the message and his preferences. The app also has a new security tool that disables screenshots within the app to prevent hate crimes and harassment.

Pros – The app is free to use and allows unlimited messaging with other members of the app, even for free members. It also does image-based authentication to make sure that the user is indeed a human and not a robot. The app design is up to date and modern.

Cons – It doesn’t have a lot of attractive features offered by similar apps in the market. For the few features that it does offer, the app is a bit pricey. The user base of this app is not as big and active as the more popular and mainstream apps.

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