10 Dating Apps Like Tinder For Hookups & Relationship

Online dating has opened up lots of new doors and possibilities to color up the dullest of the dull dating lives of people. Nowadays, with the hectic life and busy schedules, a lot of people don’t have time to waste on meaningless relationships.

On the other hand, some of us are not interested in relationships and are just looking to get some, no strings attached.

apps like tinder

This is where we can use the full capabilities of the dating sites and apps, not just Tinder, to make sure that we get exactly what we need, be that a date or a one night stand. You won’t be wasting anyone’s time that way and if all goes well, you will end up having a pleasurable experience either way.

Top 10 Apps like Tinder in 2019:

1. Bumble

bumble app

Bumble is a dating app empowering women. What makes Bumble a favorite, especially among women, is the fact that this app is women-friendly and only allows women to initiate contact thus ensuring that the ladies don’t get their inboxes flooded with unwanted messages.

Signing up on the app is also pretty easy and fast as you only need to have a small bio with up to 350 characters.

Another reason that you should go for Bumble is that, according to statistics from the founders, most of the matches (around 60%) result in conversations. Also, since women initiate the first contact, you can be sure that she is interested too and not waste time.

But if you don’t like the concept of waiting for her to make a move first, then Bumble might not be for you.

If you both swipe right, she has to initiate contact with you within 24 hours or your match will be lost. Bumble also has a limited search criterion which only allows you to search based on age, gender and location with limited information available about your matches.

2. OkCupid

okcupid app

OkCupid is perfect for you if you are looking for something serious as opposed to hookup culture. The site debuted in the year 2004 and has over 10 million registered users, meaning you will definitely find someone who fits your requirements. The matching approaches are not based on the usual questions and analyses both the deep as well as shallow aspects of what people are looking for.

OkCupid is popularly rated high on value for money, its quality and ease of use and safety as well. In fact, there is no cost for interacting with people on the site as well as for discovering new people. You can also upgrade to the A-list if you find the app to your liking and this is cheap but comes with a whole array of cool features.

Even though the design is quite modern and simple, since the app requires no payment for registering, people join just for the heck of it and may not be serious. If you are someone who dwells in one of the smaller cities or towns, you will find that the app lacks in selection. OkCupid also requires some payment for you to be able to fully access its features.

3. Happn

happn app

Happn combines the fun of chance encounters with online dating to give dating that extra oomph. It is available for both Android and iOS and has a large user base, because of the unique and exciting concept that it offers. Happn only matches its users with those they have come across at least once which makes dating through the app much more fun and exciting.

In case you are wondering if this concept is really safe, each match is presented to you with the company they are working in and also the job title so that you can do your own research if you think they appear suspicious. Another cool feature that Happn offers you is that you can secretly ‘like’ your match and they won’t come to know about it unless they are interested in you as well.

This app is especially great for city dwellers than for people living in smaller towns as they may struggle to find a decent amount of matches when using the app for a long time.

Users can only get in touch with each other if they have mutually liked each other. But be wary of who you chat up because there is a good chance that the person might be shady and since you are only matched with people who you pass on the street, if the match goes down the drain, the commute can get uncomfortable.

4. Zoosk

zoosk dating app

Zoosk is famous for its ease of use and does not demand you to fill out the usual long and tedious deep questionnaire which everyone lies on anyway. It just takes the information from your current social media accounts online and integrates this information into your Zoosk account to make it easier for you. Zoosk actually started off as one of the Facebook apps back in the year 2007 and has grown huge.

It is aesthetically pleasing with a modern layout that doesn’t come off as distracting at all and can be easily accessed through the mobile app. You can use a variety of options to promote your profile and thus increasing the number of your matches and compatibility with them. Zoosk has won multiple awards as one of the best dating sites in the world and surpassing many of its popular competitors like Match.

The site has over 38 million users with more women members at 52% females and 48% males. Even though anyone can approach the other regardless of gender, Zoosk does have many features like the ‘mega flirts’ which helps you to a great extent in promoting your profile.

Besides all these, Zoosk does have a few disadvantages like a limited search functionality, messaging is restricted to paid members only and basic features like video uploads, chats and webcams are not integrated into the site.

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5. Do I Date


Do I Date is a rather new member to the dating apps and is advised as ‘TripAdvisor for people’ by its own creators because it basically allows you to rate your date on a five-point system. The app is only available in the App store for iOS devices and is fairly very new compared to the other similar apps. It can be used as a pre-dating app where you can check out the rating of someone you are interested in before you actually pursue them on one of the mainstream apps like Tinder, Zoosk, Bumble, etc.

You can use the app to find out more about your potential dates, review and share past dating experiences for the benefit of others or use their premium connect service to initiate conversations with the best rated potential matches. Do I Date Premium Service costs 8.99 GBP per month or its local equivalent. It even supports family sharing set up with which up to six family members can use this app.

If you have a big date coming up, you can use this app to search for them in its database to see if the person you are meeting has been reviewed or not. You can also create an account for the person you shared the date with, provided you have their number at which point, your date will receive a text message asking them to verify their account or request to have it removed.

Thus, Do I Date allows you to expose players and find genuine people you can date.

6. Down

down casual dating app

Down is a hookup app and is a racier version of Tinder. It will match you based on your mutual interests and you will be shown a selection of profiles from your extended circle of friends. You can swipe to like a person that you choose and Down will only match you with those who have swiped right for you as well.

Down looks incredibly attractive with a cool and innovative interface and its unique selling point is that you can show your interest in ‘getting down’ or ‘getting a date’. The target market of the app is between 18 to 30 years old and the app is currently available in the US and the UK.

Without signing up for the premium account, you can only avail a very limited set of features and you will be hassled to sign up for the premium account every few minutes which can be a pain.

Also, from checking out the social media pages of the app, it is said that many of the statistics of its popularity might be fabricated. Thus, even though Down claims to caters to both looking for a date or a hookup, it is just one among similar apps with nothing extra packed into it.

7. Pure

pure the hookup app

Pure can be only described as trendy, an app that acts as your wingman/woman when you need some external nudge to set up instant and discreet casual hookups. The profile details required are quite less which provides an environment of anonymity and gives you above average data security which is perfect for apps of the kind. It also provides you with potential matches immediately and keeps them coming continuously.

Another cool feature of Pure is its one-hour self destructing chats and profiles which allows you to hook up on the spot and it is also 100% free for all women users, sexist maybe, but whatever.

The time limit can be a good thing or a bad thing as it leads to a smaller number of active users at any given time even though the self-destruction provides more security. It operates by sending geo-located requests to others in the app within a certain proximity.

Even though it is perfect for hookups and does exactly what it says, it does have some negatives like, it asks for credit card information as soon as you sign up even though you will be given a 3-day free trial. You can only use a single selfie or picture of your choice to showcase yourself and the app provides provision for nothing more. The app was launched in October 2014 and has been viewed by many as a Tinder-killer, as it helps (pressures) you find casual sex partners quicker and more easily.

8. CasualX

casualX app

CasualX is a hookup app caters exclusively to those people who only want sexual escapades with no strings attached and is very similar to apps like Tinder in its functionality wherein you have to swipe and match, but just to get laid.

The main feature that makes it stand apart from all the other apps of a similar kind is the ‘moments’ which allows you to upload photos and thoughts and share them with other users. You can see these moments when you look at anyone’s profile.

And just as in any such apps, scammers and fake profiles are aplenty on CasualX but the team manually reviews each new profile to ensure that a real person is behind the profile who is aiming to use it as it is meant to be used. They also offer a lot of privacy protection features like private albums and pattern lock to safe keep your CasualX account. With CasualX, you don’t have to wait around to talk to someone, you can send them a message.

The app does not have a large user base yet which can be a problem considering the purpose but the ones who are already in it mean business. Also, it is not the cheapest apps out there and requires some payment for the membership though it is not too much compared to some of the other apps.

Also, the manual review process takes around 20 minutes to 8 hours which is tedious and once you get approved, you will be notified by an email.

9. Hinge

Hinge has a different take on online dating than Tinder and focuses more on quality. Hinge is perfect for you if you are looking to find a serious long term relationship by making it easier to find matches just with a few clicks. If you like what you see, you can tap the heart icon, comment or like their photos, videos or other content and if they reply to your comment, a connection will be set up and you can start talking to them.

Free users can like up to 10 profiles a day and it also makes work easier for you by highlighting the ‘most compatible’ matches. They claim that you are eight times more likely to go on a date with a most compatible match that with any other Hinge members or matches. It was found in a survey of users that almost 70% of the users were relationship oriented with 45% seeking serious relationships which means that with minimal investment of time by just liking and commenting, you can get something that will last you a lifetime.

The cons are that you will have to pay for full membership if you want to like more than 10 people a day, and you can’t like profiles if you have an incomplete profile. Also, free filter options are limited to just basic stuff like gender, location, age, etc and you need a complete profile to access them. Also, users you previously skipped may show up in your feed again, just in case you change your mind.

10. Feeld

Feeld app

Feeld welcomes people of every sexual community. This location-based social discovery app claims to offer a space for open-minded people, be it couples or singles, to find people who are okay with their specific interests. It has over 2 million users registered from across the world and provides special emphasis against discrimination and nudity. It also requires a Facebook account for signing up into the app and is big on privacy issues.

Signing up is very easy, free and takes a few minutes at most and immediately after signing up, you get match suggestions. You are free to change your preferences of who will appear on your proposals and all the search functions are free to use. You can also message other profiles even if your account is free but you will have to like them and they will have to like you back for you to be able to connect with each other.

Feeld does have a few negatives to it like, as per statistics, 20% of the profiles do not use real photos and not a lot of functions are available for free members except for liking, search filters and messaging. Photo sharing also has a lot of restrictions but it allows you to sign up as an individual or a couple. All the special features focus on privacy and connectivity and require payment for a Majestic Membership upgrade.

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