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We are well known for reviewing sites and ranking them. Some people love them but some absolutely hate them.

How Our Experts Review and Rank Sites?

That’s a good question, if you’re wondering. Here’s how the process for review articles and listicle articles go:

  1. Personally signup for the services we are considering to test for the article.
  2. Pay for their premium version & use them for at least 2 weeks.
  3. Compare the results with other contender to list the rankings.
  4. Final rankings/reviews are produced based on opinions of other people which includes research on the forums, Review sites, and Consumer reports.

So, Are be Biased?


As we stated, we personally test the sites and consider the experience of other people of the sites. So, it’s obvious that our reviews are not influenced by any other external factors. However, we do have partnerships with a few sites which pay us for every sale – It helps the HookupAdvise to keep providing the best content in the industry.

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